Management Team

Karen Pignet-Aiach

Founder, Chair and CEO

Founder, Chair, and CEO of Lysogene, Ms. Karen Pignet-Aiach is also the mother of a child with MPS IIIA.

Stéphane Durant des Aulnois

Chief Financial Officer

Joined Lysogene in 2019,
he oversees the Alliance Management and Business Development departments.

Ralph Laufer

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Ralph Laufer is responsible for Lysogene’s scientific activities.

Marie Deneux

Chief regulatory officer

Dr. Marie Deneux is in charge of defining and executing the regulatory strategy for the development and registration…

Michaël Hocquemiller

Head of Non-Clinical Development

Dr. Michaël Hocquemiller is in charge of the non-clinical development of Lysogene’s gene therapy products including…

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